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From: Koen
date: 15-03-2016
Subject: Making progress on the new model

Finally! I can show you some progress on the new model. I am only a bit more than half a year behind on schedule, so I am doing great. With any luck the new model will just be finished before I step into my coffin. A month ago we have finished sculpting the clay model. But before that we also made the supporting shell for the main mold, though it still needs some work. I have made the pre-master mold and last week I have casted the master model. Now we are already for several days working on perfecting the master model.
Master model.... hmm, there is a very masculine sound in that, but the model is anything but masculine. the new model is female again. Chubby female to be precise. I know, chubby is not main stream and certainly not high ranked when it comes to sales, but I feel that is all going to change. Once this model is ready she is going to cause a little thunderstorm in doll art world.
For the sculpting of the model I have myself inspired by the works of the best fat-woman-sculpture worldwide. His name is Vladimir Sushkevich and you really need to google that guy. I think his sculpting technique is mind boggling. Even if you do not like fat women, then you still will have to admire his work, because it is absolutely perfect.

Making a chubby ScoonimDoll is an incredible challenge, from which I currently only can hope that I will be able to succeed. Not only the sculpting of a chubby is more difficult than a slim model, that is when you want to do it right, but especially the technical part will become a real challenge.
Other than for humans skinfolds on softskin dolls form a serious weak spot in the skin. This because the skin of a doll does not have a strong and self-regenerating top layer ( 'leather' layer). Especially where the skin has pre-formed skinfolds the risk of tearforming is considerable. For this reason softskin dolls are designed with a minimum of skinfolds. Chubbies however characterise themselves by extra mass and.... skinfolds.
So, in order to design a convincing chubby looking ScoonimDoll I will have to come up with a design that creates skinfolds when skinfolds are expected to occur in a pose. But they dare not to be in the base position of the doll, because that would weaken the skin too much. This means that the forming of the skinfold needs to be based in the skeleton. I have some ideas for this how to accomplish, but honestly speaking I have no idea whether it will work. I will find out in a couple of months.

Another aspect that I need to take care of is the illusion of weight/gravity.
As you know I have for this reason invented the posable breasts. By adjusting the position of the breasts in the 2nd generation ScoonimDolls several poses became more convincing and made the dolls look more lifelike on photo. But in sitting position the skin of the buttocks and upper legs still appear to be quite stiff. This because weight of a ScoonimDoll is not by far enough to have the buttocks and upper legs truly form themselves to the surface. Even though the chubby model will be certainly be more heavy I reckon that this will be the same in this new model. But this is a chubby model and chubbies do not have stiff buttocks. That is not a presumption, no, that is a fact and thus an aspect to be taken care of in the new model. Therefore I am going to make test with special compartments in the buttocks and upper legs filled with a fluid or perhaps a clay-like substance. I hope to achieve that this way it will be possible to pose the bumbs of the dolls in sitting position so that the sitting will look more natural. If i succeed then, well, as said, this model will cause a little thunderstorm.

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From: Koen
date: 25-02-2015
Subject: I need to focus on priorities

So, I did write te article and I did send it to the newspaper from which we daily have a fresh copy lying on our kitchen table. But they did not print it. Perhaps my writing was too long, too boring, not enough new, too new.... Maybe it was the wrong newspaper, maybe the editor is a selfish prick. Who knows?!
I have considered sending it to other newspapers as well. And I may still do that. After all I have put a lot of work in it. But at this moment I fail conviction. Every newspaper has its own format and style and I fear that I will have to rewrite the article again and again and again. And as much as I think that somebody needs to stand up, I also am painfully aware that my time is limited and that my income is currently under serious pressure. So I need to focus on priorities.

The crisis has reached me already quite some time ago now, sweeping my cherished waiting list clean in the blink of an eye, leaving me with only a few that still intent to buy later. Not now. Later. And I cannot blame them. In fact I cherish them even more, because they are the ones that really make an effort in getting a piece of my work.

I need to stay sharp and make new innovations. I intent to create a new model this year. It will be a chubby doll. Solving the problems of keeping pose because of the extra mass around the joints and keeping the skin free from tearing because of fold indentation and overstretching will become the new challenges. But if I succeed then you are all going to love her. That is for sure.

There is also an increasing amount of questions about the finishing of Adam, the male model ScoonimDoll. Unfortunately I suspect that the people that now show interest are not the ones that are going to buy and that it will be very hard to find enough real buyers for this.

Stellai’s page on Facebook is gaining popularity. Till now I have made it my policy not to have her search for friends to avoid misunderstandings. People do not expect a doll to be active on Facebook and for a long time I feared that they would become upset when i would have lured them into Stellai’s world, which is not a human world. Therefore till now I only accepted friends that did send a friendship request to Stellai themselves, presuming that they had taken a good look ate her page and knew that they would be talking to a doll. But there is a growing number of people that want to be friends that do not realize that they become friends with a doll. The converstations that arise are usually hilarious because they are filled with misunderstandings, but I make sure to have Stellai respond sufficiently respectful.
So far nobody has complained and that is why I am now considering to have her more active looking for friends to promote my work.

Also other texts with Stellai and her friends are frequently little treasures. I make it a habit to copy them all and save them for a book. Making an original and funny book out of my promotion activities....Cool! Below you can see a recent conversation that I thought was really funny. Stellai is responding here to her new friend Nancy who wrote ten posts with rules to live by:

(Rule 9)   Stop Running From Your Problems:

Face them head on. No, it won’t be easy. There is no person in the world capable of flawlessly handling every punch thrown at them. We aren’t supposed to be able to instantly solve problems. That’s not how we’re made. In fact, we’re made to get upset, sad, hurt, stumble and fall. Because that’s the whole purpose of living – to face problems, learn, adapt, and solve them over the course of time. This is what ultimately molds us into the person we become. AND makes us stronger!

Yeah Nancy, good point!!
Héé, you there with that giant shark doll on your tail... yes YOU! ...STOP running from your problems. ...What?.... Yeah, you heard me!

I guess you're supposed to make friends with it . But that is a real big shark


Maybe if the shark wore a pretty bow he would look more friendly

Great idea! .........HÉ SHARKY!.. GOT A BOW??.... PUT IT ON! .... WHAT?....YEAH NOW! ..... WHAT? HOW DO YOU MEAN IT SUNK?

The bow, it sunk.... That sucks! Any other ideas?

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