text:         Koen
date:       16-01-2018
subject:   A beautiful chubby ScoonimDoll for Christmas

Even though I am still testing and improving, the 3rd generation ScoonimDolls is now a fact. I have made the formal introduction of this model in the ScoonimDoll Christmas Card photo story on Facebook and CoverDoll. Unofficially the prototype already was shown at the international doll owner’s meeting in September, but this was a closed meeting and no photos were published of this model.

Like I mentioned in my previous blog I have added a special (self developed) kind of posing clay as a new component next to the poseable skeleton inside the body. As I hoped for, the posing of the chubby looking body benefits greatly from the addition of the posing clay. Together with a new basic position of the breasts it turns out that the poseable clay core is an unexpectedly huge improvement in the posing of the breasts. So I have decided to fully replace the old breast posing mechanism by this clay. The initial idea for the addition of posing clay however was to improve the posing of the buttocks and to create love handles in the side and backside of the body, which that are so much typical for chubby girls. And I am delighted to tell you that both of these fully perform to my expectations.

There is however also a downside to the addition of the posing clay. I have discovered that the positioning of the skeleton and posing clay in the body mould is a total menace. The positioning is so much more critical than in the old situation, in which already was a real pain to get it right, that I have decided to redesign the body mould in order to get better grip on the posing of the skeleton and the clay parts inside the body mould. And obviously until this new mould is ready it is too big a risk to make any more of this new type of dolls.

Another problem I have to face is that the soft PU body material that I now use for ScoonimDolls appears to be fragile for the new model . This because of the way the material reacts when stretched. Because of this I am now experimenting with a completely new developed silicon based material for the body. The results so far are quite good. The new silicone material is in strength and softness virtually identical to the PU material, but the behaviour when stretched is very different and much more suitable for the new body. Unfortunately the special adhesive material I invented for the PU body material to fixate the mouth corner posing components to the cheeks does not work on the silicone and despite dozens of tests I still have not found an alternative material for this. But the supplier of the silicone believes he may have the solution for my problem. So even though I have not completed my testing I feel confident that this new silicone material will make it possible to make dolls not just for my photo stories, but for collectors as well.
At this moment I am testing the durability.

I have uploaded a number of photos of the ScoonimDoll Christmas Card photo story to gallery 4 for you to see.

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text:         Koen
date:       13-01-2018
subject:   I need help.

Why is the book still not published? Why is the new model ScoonimDoll still not ready to be ordered? Why is this website not frequently updated? Why are there no new topics of ScoonimDolls to be seen in the forums? If you feel like pointing your finger to me, then I totally understand. In my defense I can only say that I am doing the best I can. I cannot deny that I turn out to be the weak link in my own business. My urge for perfection and the fact that I am hesitative to invest in others to take over a number of tasks is obstructing me, I know. I need help.

So if you like my work and have a special talent that I need AND if you have time AND if you are willing to help me, then please contact me. But if it is just money you are interested in, then please know that I do not have much to offer.

I hope to find help with:

        - Publishing the book 'Rosaleintje'

        - Keeping the ScoonimDolls website updated

        - Making clothes for Dibby, Stellai and other ScoonimDolls

        - Stellai's page on Facebook


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