This weblog is also based on emails I write with other ScoonimDoll enthousiasts. Of course I only publish an email or a part of it with permission of my respondent.


From: Koen
date: 15-5-2013
Subject: Calernae is a real piece of work

Calernae has arrived at her new home, which is the Pyramid of KingTut.
Before she went I made a presentation photoshoot of her which I party has send to KingTut, who commissioned the making of Calernae. KingTut almost instantly uploaded this series to the forums ODC, TDF and UKLDF where Calernae received a warm welcome.
As every ScoonimDoll Calernae is a stunner, but again with completely own looks and character. I was requested to try to give her a very powerfull personality because she is intended to model for the leading character in a picture-novel that he is working on. I may have overdone this a little trying to fulfill his request. Worrisome and slightly alarming is the next quote from KingTut:

So far she’s doing great. She did knock over my Black Angel figure, but I’m sure that was an accident, right? Black Angel had one of her daggers at the ready, but Calernae apologized. I’ve got to admit, though, it didn’t lóók like an accident…”

Having simular kind of experience with Calernae when I made the photoshoot for the storyboard with her, I dare say that this is a ScoonimDoll that we wil hear more from in the future...

I have a policy not to make a presenation of my commissioned work before my client has done this, or has had a reasonable period of time to do so. But as mentioned, Calernae already has made her appearance, so...

Calernae - Presentation series

Calernae - Presentation series

Calernae - Presentation series

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From: Koen
date: 13-5-2013
Subject: Oksanna has returned again...

It has been quite a while since my last update. I have been very very busy. As mentioned in my previous post I have send Oksanna to Russia again. The new contacts were no help, but I have decided to send her anyway. The toolbox did arrive, so, the sending of Oksanna should also be possible. And indeed it worked out very well. I will quote you a part of the response I received:

“I am very glad to inform you that Oksanna reached me successfully, at last I’m holding her in my hands. I want to express you my gratitude and admiration. While I didn't see her, I couldn't imagine as far as it is delicate difficult and perfect work. It is a wonderful doll, I can not depart from her the whole day. She captivates. Realism is simply tremendous. All the time it seems to me that she now will tell something. Certainly, it is the highest point of my collection, this is the best that I could wish.”

Obviously I was very much relieved that it all worked out well. And my heart tells me that for this kind of response I should do anything possible. But I cannot deny that the extremely long time it took to send Oksanna to my Russian client troubles me. The many hours I have spend communicating and investigating to make the shipment successfull will never be re-payed and I can expect to encounter this kind of problems quite frequently in the future. Fact is that the amount of clients that will come over to pick up their ScoonimDolls themselves will be a very very little percentage.
But I feel obligated to give each of my clients my best shot and it is my bussiness to solve problems, so I will not forsake the people on my waiting list. I may have to raise prices a bit, but I will mainly have to make my work going more efficient.

I was about half way making Calernae, which would become the next ScoonimDoll, when I received disturbing news from my Russian client.

“I am afraid, I have bad news. Unfortunately, my experience of acting with Oksanna was very unsuccessful....
....the pipe bone (in the upper arm) broke. I tried to repair it, but couldn't. As a result, now Oksanna is in the most sad condition....
...Please, forgive me that I didn't save your remarkable creation. But I also am very strongly afflicted. Certainly, I didn't want it. Now I know how it is necessary to act with the doll and I assure you that next time I won't repeat such mistake. But now I ask you - help me please.”

Oksanna damaged.

I admit that I had to give it some serious thought to put this in my blog, but fact is that handling a ScoonimDoll is not easy. ScoonimDolls are superior in poseabillity and the skeleton is designed for longterm usage, but... they are not unbreakable! Therefore each ScoonimDoll comes with a substantial manual and a CD-rom with video information of just about every aspect I could think of and a piece of testing material. But just reading the info, watching the videos and squeezing the testing material is not enough. You really need to study the videos, understand the construction and make tests (with the testing material, not on the ScoonimDoll of course!). A ScoonimDoll really is a Formula 1 racing car: you can do amazing things with it, but without proper understanding of the technics and signals you can bet on it that you will crash it.

Because I think it would be very much unfair to put my Russian friend* back on the waiting list, I decided to make the repairs, which involve a complete recast of Oksanna’s body immediately after the finishing of Calernae.

*I should write ‘client’ but the process of making a ScoonimDoll involves so much email exchange that the word ‘client’ does no longer do just to him.

When I write this Oksanna is already in the final stage before the recast. So the new delay that the clients on my waiting list have to face is likely no more than 2-3 weeks.

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Stellai's day out with the family - summer 2012.

From: Koen
date: 29-1-2013
Subject: It took more than a while, but...

The toolbox has arrived in Russia. Finally!!
Other than I expected it turned out that the delay has not been caused by Russian Customs. It seems that the delay partly has been caused by PostNL (for obscure reasons) and partly because of a rather long Christmas break with Russian Post. I have decided not to withdraw the inquiry because I very much like to know why it took Post NL about a month just to get the package to Russian customs.
Soon I will make the new attempt to send Oksanna again to Russia, but first I hope to get a bit more info from some new contacts I have made who have experience with sending packages to Russia. I do hope they will come up with a way to make the new sending of Oksanna go more smoothly.

In case you did not notice, I have updated the picture series in the ‘for-sale’ section with the ScoonimDolls I have made in 2012. Like my galleries you will find a series behind each model when you click on the thumb. For a direct link to these new pics click here. I have also added a looping video of Svetlanna to the ‘for-sale’ section.

At this moment I have also a topic running on Dollforum.com with pics that I have made last summer, but did not publish (until now). The topic I have called: “Stellai’s day out with the family”. It is located in their Miniature Adult Dolls section. For a direct link click here.
In case you have no interest visiting Dollforum, do not worry. In a couple of weeks I will also add this series to my archive gallery.

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Oksanna and Stellai on my desk - winter 2012.

From: Koen
date: 9-1-2013
Subject: Oksanna has been returned

Two weeks before Christmas I send Oksanna to my Russian client, who has waited for her arrival for almost 3 years. Last week I received message from UPS that Oksanna would be send back. As it turns out it is not allowed for any transporter to send packages to private persons in Russia. They can only send to companies. Only packages send with regular mail can be send to individuals in Russia.
This bump on the road we (my client and I) honestly did not foresee. I expected trouble with paperwork, value of goods, and some delay because of bureaucrats, but that UPS would have been turned down by Russian customs simply because of the fact that the name on the parcel did not look ike a company name is utterly, totally and completely ABSURD.

Now you may think that the solution is easy...... well.....
Purely to check if the paperwork would be acceptable for Russian customs I send the toolbox for ScoonimDoll to my client in advance, using regular mail. This was on 6th of November 2012, several weeks prior to the sending of Oksanna .....Today is 8th of January 2013... it still has not arrived.... and from the very beginning I get blank on the tracking info..... The post office however can trace the package. It is in Russia but it has not yet left the airport.... Russian customs?..................
Last week I have send an official request to the post office to find out WHY THE F..K IT IS TAKING SO LONG TO DELIVER SUCH A SIMPLE PACKAGE.

today I have received first response from the post office. I was kindly informed that they have started an investigation which might easily take 2-3 months!
At this moment Oksanna is safe in my custody. If anyone can offer a solid way to send Oksanna to my Russian client please contact me!

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Svetlanna - send to the USA in October2012.

From: Koen
date: 11-12-2012
Subject: Shipment of a ScoonimDoll to the US (2)

Some time has past since my last update and of course a lot has happened. Let me start with the follow up of my previous post.
I have come up with an exceptional idea to solve the shipment problem. I have tested it and I am proud to announce that from now on it is possible for me to send ScoonimDolls worldwide, saving my clients considerable costs for tax and the hassle with custom documents. For those among you that now prick their ears, I have a dissappointing announcement. Even though fully legal, my trick is such that it will likely cause changements in tax laws when it is operated on large scale. So I am not going to reveal it here, but if you are on my list for ScoonimDoll orders I will tell you all about it when I make you my offer.

Unfortunately I cannot say that sending a ScoonimDoll has now become an easy job. It will be when I have to send it within the EU or to the States, but last week I had to send Oksanna (my most recent project) to Russia, which even with my new trick turns out to be the real challenge.
I thought American customs were giving me a hard time, but truely, it is nothing compared to Russian customs. Their list of demands to let any (!) parcel pass is such... its such... its surreal!
I have not yet figured out what happens to the parcels that do not pass their check, but I fear for the worst because if they should simply store the parcels until they paperwork fits their constant changing standards their storage facilities should be the size of Tokyo, expanding suburbs included!
According to the UPS website the package with ‘Oksanna’ should be delivered within a week, but I was already told that chances for that are about zero.
And yesterday I discovered that I have forgotten to put my signature on the enclosed invoice...

Svetlanna - send to the USA in October2012.

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Tanyss - send to the USA in October2012.

From: Koen
date: 11-12-2012
Subject: New repairing fluid for skin material

I have found a much better material for making repairs on the skin ScoonimDoll. Till now I used superglue for this, but the bonding was not perfect and the extremely short hardening time made processing very difficult. Besides that superglue hardens to D-shore (hard), which in most repairs to the skin is undesirable. I have to admit that it was sheer luck to discover that the perfect material for skin repair is not a glue but.... a resin component.

One day I was working with it and while having a tiny bit of residue on my fingers I moved a piece of old skin material. When some time later by fortune I checked the old piece I discovered that the residue had ‘glued’ the material together in such a bonding that it was superior to the cohesion of the material and the bonded surface remained flexible (A-shore)! I instantly started to make a complete testing scheme with all kind of resin components to search for new applications and the tests have resulted in creating a new formula that improves the protection layer of the skin. Two mayor inventions for the price of one!

Tanyss - send to the USA in October2012.

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