This weblog is also based on emails I write with other ScoonimDoll enthousiasts. Of course I only publish an email or a part of it with permission of my respondent.


From: Koen
date: 18-9-2012
Subject: Shipment of a ScoonimDoll to the US

Honestly, I never even heared of the existence of CBP brokers till now. But due to new regulations for shipment to the US I now know.

As it turned out from now on for all shipments with total value of more than $ 2000,- a formal entry is required. Because even the most basic ScoonimDoll exceeds this value, also for ScoonimDolls this formal entry is obligated.

In principe the formal entry is just a couple of forms that state your identity and the description of what is in the package and a customs bond ( a kind of insurance fee). Furhermore the customs will require payment of duty , taxes and fees.


when putting it mildly, I would say that filling in the forms is not so easy. This I am able to say without any cursing because I did not have taken the effort of filling them in. Just a quick peek was enough. If I would have tried I most definitely would have used stronger terms to clarify that the filling in of such forms is nothing less than a suicide attempt. The forms are loaded with impossible abbreviations. And CBP requests for you to fill in several values of fees, duty and I.R. tax. It is completely unclear to me for what reason they want to have this filled in for these are things which in my humble opinion are impossible to know for ordinary people. Only the CBP has the answers and once you have handed over the documents, they will check, correct and recalculate in the blink of an eye everything of your hard labour which is loaded with misunderstandings and outdated parameters. So, ..... ??
Luckily for us the US CBP have invented ...CBP brokers!! Now this is really a neat trick to reduce unemployment. I am pretty sure that at least half the time Obama is smiling it is because of this move.
unless you are CBP broker yourself, I recommend you to hand over the paperwork to a broker when I am about to ship your ScoonimDoll. I know it is sad, it is costly and it is frustrating, but I fear it is the only option. If you think you can manage yourself and you feel up to it, the following link will be helpfull :


Just for the record, please do not ask me for help to fill in the CBP-forms. I am just the guy that can make ScoonimDolls. I am not a CBP broker.

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from: Koen
update: 13-9-2012
subject: Coverdolls featured photographer

As you undoubtedly have noticed, I recently have updated gallery 4 with a photoshoot that I have made during my summerholiday in France.

But... there is more.

I have send another photoshoot to Dollforums e-zine Coverdoll and they have published it in the Sebtember issue of their ‘featured photographer gallery’. I am truely honored. Eventhough it is a bit weird because my main achievement in the niche of dolls is the making of ScoonimDolls. The making of pics is merely a pleasant extra to me. Much like my painting.
If you like to see them, just click here.

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From: Koen
date: 4-9-2012
Subject: Joradiens dolls

My sole purpose in life should be to make ScoonimDolls faster, so my waiting list diminishes instead of grows as it is doing at this moment. With my writing at snail speed, corresponding should be forbidden for me. It costs me way too much time. But I love to correspond....

Already for some weeks now I am corresponding with Joradien, who has a true gift in dressing 1/6 figures. The style is solely fantasy/barbarian but the detailing I think is absolutely top-class. Unfortunately she (or he...?) has no website, but I was allowed to add some pics that were attached to the emails. So, no ScoonimDoll pics this time. For truely outstanding work of others one has to make space!

For some projects I would love to make a combination of my and Joradiens talents, but because of my waiting list it may take considerable time before we will be able to make a ScoonimDoll in barbarian outfit. But if any of my customers would be interested in such a combination, I will be more than happy to set this up. Needless to say that I am also considering to request Joradien to design an outfit for Stellai...

Click on the pic for a close up

Click on the pic for a close up

Click on the pic for a close up

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From: Koen
date: 27-6-2012
Subject: Being perfectionist is a burden.

All considered it is actually surprising that I am not in a complete state of nervous brakedown. It must be my optimistic nature ( I even did not know I had it) that makes me accept that it is ‘neccessary’ to make a fifth (!) casting of the same ScoonimDoll because the last three castings were close to very close to very very close to perfect but not perfect (the first casting was a truely a complete disaster, there is no use denying it.)
I do realize that at some point I have to overcome minor flaws, for most likely I will be the only one ever to know of the existence of the flaw because nobody else will ever realize that there was a better alternative. And in the end there will be a cost issue of course. Not something the customer for who I am making this ScoonimDoll needs to worry about, because the price has been agreed to in advance. But when I fail to control the casting process too often, inevitably at some point I will have to stop making ScoonimDolls. But till now I still have managed to make improvements after every flaw, which should prevent it from re-occuring. The only this that is troubling me is that a ScoonimDoll is made out of (way over) 150 different components, each of them pretty much pressed to the limit in size and performance. I often feel like a juggler when making a ScoonimDoll.

The pics of the hairless ScoonimDolls I have added to show the impact of the topcolor layer.
The basic colored ScoonimDoll one on the left side is the one that I ‘need’ to recast.

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From: Koen
date: 30-5-2012
Subject: If anything can go wrong, it will... (Murphy’s law)

Ever tried to juggle with three or even more plates? Whenever I see a juggler I have to watch. Personally I cannot even keep 2 plates in the air and it is definitely not something I would volunteer for. But on some rare occasion I force myself into such a position that juggling seems the only option. Not with plates. No, that would be too obvious. It usually has something to do with resin fluids and/or pigments (!). It is not real juggling, but the feeling is pretty much the same and trust me when I say that when (not if, no, when) it goes wrong the mass is worse. For broken plates you can remove, but for spoiled hardening resin there is no other cure then to endure.
Last Friday it happened. After several days of prepairation, including a failed cast for the feet (which led to a small improvement in my logistics) and a minor new invention for better access to the adjustment studbolts in the chest, I thought to have everything arranged for the casting of the first ‘production’ model. But in my sheer irrepressible urge to perfection of the body I had decided to a new way of casting, which -when successfull- would even leave out the teeny-weeny trace of the point of injection in the lower leg. Needless to say that this new way of casting included a higher level of risk ...
Well, to cut a long story short, what started with a juggle of one plate, became rapidly a juggle of four (or five) and ended in the inevitable disaster in which the only bright side is that no unrepairable harm has been done to the mould and the skeleton. I expect that by the end of this week I have my voice back (which I lost last Friday by crying out my frustration) and will be ready to give it a new try...

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From: Koen
date: 2-5-2012
Subject: perfecting the poseable face

Simply couldn’t resist it. I really thought that I had reached the end of developing the poseable face when suddenly
So, I had to make one more test head, well... make that two. The first one failed due to hasty work. But the new idea seemed work, so I made a new one to be absolutely sure...
And It Works!!
The new ScoonimDolls that get a poseable face now also will have real sideways poseable mouthcorners.
I won’t blame you if you have trouble feeling the same thrill as I feel, but trust me when I say that the new feature is a small technical wonder.
I have shown it also to Stellai. She obviously was thrilled, but I must admit that she had a rather funny way of showing it. If one did not know any better one might get this strange idea of a ScoonimDoll with jealousy problem.

Another gimmick I made are the blue upper eyelids. When making them I thought it would look rather slutty, but even with the eyes closed it actually can look quite charming (and luckily they will also fit Stellai, so she won’t get jealous over this as well !).

Furthermore I have improved the joints of the wrist and ankles by replacing the axle pins for really tiny nuts and bolts. The nuts I have to make myself because of the relative heavy duty to which standard bolts - if available in this size- will not suffice. I expect that the lifespan of the proper functioning -which is keeping the joint in position- will be less difficult to achieve then with former pin-axles. With this modification just about all joints (with exception of the wire frame joints and the joints in the hands for sideways movement) are ‘adjustable’. Now I only have to figure out a way to access the joints for maintainance without leaving traces to the skin...

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