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From: Koen
date: 16-03-2012
Subject: Vitra design chairs scaled 1:6

I have this fantasy about dollhouses being perfect miniatures of English or even better fantasy cottages complete with gardens. So, when there is an exibition of dollhouses I simply cannot resist visiting it. But what strikes me that is far most dollhouses the dolls, which are by definition the focuspoint of every dollhouse can be at best described as neatly dressed victorian voodoo dolls. They are generally bad scaled, disproportioned, with horrible faces, awful wigs, stiff hands and clog feet.
Of course I am very much aware of the difficulty of making a good looking doll. And I realize that dollhouses are in general no more than refined amateur art at best. Suffering from mayor blind spots in the abilities of theirs creators dollhouses expose failures like nothing else. But the amount of dolls with poor copied middle-age fresco look body and faces is striking.
Not surprising that my expectations were very high when I visited last sunday the special exhibition about miniatures and dollhouses in the famous citymuseum for Modern Arts in De Hague. For I was convinced to be served the crème de la crème of miniatures and dollhouses ever made. It should be unfair to say that the whole exibition was one big dissapointment, for there was a great number of miniatures that were truely remarkable. But with the exception of the impressive Chinese temple and Japanese dollhouses, the only remarkable thing about the dollhouses was their antiquity value, which I regret to say means zip to me.

La Bocca

Amongst the remarkable miniatures were the Vitra 1:6 scale models of chairs. As I discovered a number of them is stil in production. I have set my mind on the couch called La Bocca, designed by Studio 65 in 1970. Soon I hope to present to you a photoshoot of one or more ScoonimDolls together with this couch. The pic added I extracted from the internet.
Vitra has an extended collection of design chairs in scale 1:6 from which several are still for sale. When you google for 'Vitra miniatures' you will find a great number of links.

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From: Koen
date: 2-03-2012
Subject: High heel shoe on a bar stool

The tricky part of making creativity to a profession is that it never stops. This is stressfull especially to my wife and daughters. In order to deal with this I urge myself to be as flexible as possible to them. So, when my eldest daughter (who else!) came up with the idea to spend some time with the four of us, we made a last minute booking for a small week at the coast. I guess as a guesture from their side I still was allowed to do some painting.

Click on the pic for a close up

Another painting without ScoonimDolls...
The picture shown I made with pastels. It shows the flooded land of Meinerswijk in winter. I used one of my photographs for sample, but mixed it with other elements. The seagull, the miniature table with bar stool and the ScoonimDoll high heels shoes lift this painting to another level. What really happened here? You’ll never guess!

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From: Koen
date: 19-02-2012
Subject: Feature article in CoverDoll is coming up

I must have done something right. Already for some time I every now and then write a topic on Dollforum.com and add a few pics in order to get some attention for ScoonimDolls. This week I got a response from two stafmembers of CoverDoll. This is an internet magazine (e-zine) which is part of the group that also owns the Dollforum. Apparently independent of each other they decided to contact me. They both hoped I would be interested in getting a feature article in CoverDoll e-zine. CoverDoll is a monthly e-zine showing glamerous pics of lovedolls. And eventhough a ScoonimDoll is not a lovedoll, I agree with them that the pics of a ScoonimDoll perfectly fit in the picture content of CoverDoll, which is erotic, but not pornoghraphic. Much like Playboy magazine.
Well, of course I accepted. Especially because till now most ordering requests for ScoonimDolls come from Dollforum members. But I have requested not to to be urged to have the article on a very short notice. To make a number of good photographs for them takes time. And that is not hours. No, I am talking about several days. And within my current scedule this is not the amount of time I can spare. First I really need to fulfill my vows to some of the clients on my waiting list that I think are waiting already far too long .
So, eventhough I am thrilled an most eager to make a special fotoseries for CoverDoll, now the feature article will have to wait.

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From: Koen
date: 10-02-2012
Subject: Bad Match!

Finally winter!
Nothing is as whimsical as the weather. In 2010 winter started here in November. Now we had our first snow in Februari. Not much. At this moment already only some traces remain. I even had to collect some fresh snow from out neighbours backyard to add to my scene when I did the photoshoot.
I have learned a few things.
- ScoonimDolls have no problem with freezy cold.
-ScoonimDoll skin and snow or ice however are an extremely bad match !
As it turned out snow instantly freezes to the ScoonimDoll skin. It causes the skin to swell and decolor within seconds (!). Once the skin has been tempered again to roomtemperature the swelling and decoloring completely vanish (phew!!). But likely because of contact with the ice the few micron thin top layer sustains permanent damage. As a result the color layer is locally no longer protected and will come off at the previously frozen spots when cleaning the doll with water.
Luckily this kind of damage is not a real problem for recoloring will be needed occasionally when you position the doll frequently. But it is better to avoid direct contact with snow or ice.

Of course this pic of Stellai feeding a sparrow is a photo trick. I first made a photoshoot from a fixed position of a bird at the birdhouse in our backyard. Then I made from the same position a pic of Stellai at the birdhouse. And with some cut and paste work I assembled it to this pic.

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From: Koen
date: 02-02-2012
Subject: Homo universalis

I have been thinking. Actually I have been thinking for more than quite some time already. What I like to accomplish is that ScoonimDoll becomes a standard in itself on such a level that also in the ‘Art’ scene ScoonimDoll will be recognised. It is the obvious way to increase the value of the dolls and providing me the opportunity to create whatever I want whenever I want.
I think it might be a good idea to invest in more diverse subjects around ScoonimDoll. Such as storyboards, more scoonims, a calendar, paintings, accessories (shoes etc.), miniature photosets for display, advertorials and my image.
As for my image, homo universalis would be a nice touch. I know I have the skills. I have already mastered on a number of areas. I design, invent, manufacture, sculpt, paint, photograph (and photoshop), I write, teach, build websites from scratch, I have interest in physics, chemistry, psychology, philosophy (well, a little), logistics, improve or at least consider to improve just about anything that passes, I do needlework, I cook, clean, try to be a good husband and even let my daughters rip me off to pay for their pony riding lessons.
Leonardo is dead. For almost 500 years... Someone has to follow him up...
Ok, ok just kidding!

Title: The seduction attempt

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From: Koen
date: 18-01-2012
Subject: New: High heel canvas shoes for ScoonimDolls

Some of you might have noticed it. In the photoshoot I made of Stellai climbing the chair she doesn’t wear shoes. This was because I only had regular high heels, which are clearly not designed for climbing. Not that there was any real climbing involved of course, but you know what I mean.
So I came up with the idea to design canvas shoes with high heels for ScoonimDoll. The idea is not completely original, but the designcombination I made is new. It took me more almost two weeks to develop. Especially making the tools to make and fix the tiny metal eyelets was challenging. But I think it has been worth it.
I only need another kind of laces. Now it is woven nylon chord. I think they are too thick and the knot does not stay in place. It slips. I do hope I will find a cotton substitute. In the worst case scenario I have to make the laces myself... Hmmm,... waving cotton threads to a chord of 3/4 mm thick.... I will need some device to manufacture....another full week work for perhaps 2 meter total production.... Well, that would be really insane even to my standard...
Some solution will come across.

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