What is a scoonim

The word 'scoonim' is contraction of the words sculptured goo animation. A scoonim is a picture ( a photo or a sketch) of which a short animated video has been made. The picture is digitally deformed by stretching. The deforming is 2-dimensional. The deforming process is shown as a movie. By making some steps with a little variety in the deformation it is possible to make the 2D-deformings look like a realistic 3D-looking movement. Because the beginning and end of the deformingcyclus are identical (the deforming begins and ends with the original picture), a scoonim will make a perfect looping.

How to make scoonim?

For making scoonims you need morphing software with an option to show the process of deforming as a film. For the making of scoonims I recommend SuperGoo software.
Based on SuperGoo I have written a small book loaded with simple technics how to make a model on a picture move. The video in this section (scoonim info/vids, or click here) shows quite clear the making of a scoonim.

Where can I buy this book and software for making scoonims?

There are a few erotic stores that sell the book, or you can order it directly from me. But please know that the book is available in Dutch only! The book comes with a CD-rom with SuperGoo software (official license) and a CD-rom with pics and samples.
Prices and more info about scoonims you can find at www.scoonim.com. Warning: this website contains a considerable number of pornographic scoonims and is therefore is not suitable for children!


Scoonim info