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Former publications

August 2008
Prior to our participation to the ExtraErotica fair we were allowed to present ourselves on their website.

Geloof, seks en (Wan)hoop (intro)
Nov-Dec 2008
TV-documentary of the IKON. We were interviewed at our stand on the Kamasutra fair. According to my request the interview has not been used in their documentary. But they could not resist using the filmed ScoonimDolls. You will find two of them in the intro of each episode. The documentary has been split up into 6 episodes.

Scoonim Animators Club
September 2007
This is my first website. It was ment to create a platform for people like me that would become enthousiasic animators in the making of scoonims. Next to that it offeres some basic info about ScoonimDolls in the shop section. As it turned out it were the ScoonimDolls that realy got peoples attention. The making of a scoonim animator community turned out a too much ambitious plan for now. However the website provides 18 nice scoonims in the galleries (be warned, most of them are pornoghaphic!)