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(Stellai's introduction in CoverDoll)

The text below is a copy of Stellai's blog in CoverDoll of June 2014. This was the first time I wrote under the name of Stellai for CoverDoll e-zine.
When you look at the date you will see that the timeline in the narratives is not at all consistent. The simple reason is that I prefer to upload important events like the Christmas photoshoot in time. For the timeline in the story it is confusing, I know and I am sorry, but I think it is more silly to upload a Christmas story in July.



Stellai’s blog June 2014: Interview with my creator (part 1)

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Dear reader,

No, I have no experience in writing articles.
No, I have no idea how to fill this section on a monthly base.
No, I am not famous, exceptionally beautiful, smart, specially talented or such.
I am not even funny!
What am I doing here?
Honestly, I have no idea!
Who am I?
My name is Stellai and I am a ScoonimDoll.

Koen, the creator of ScoonimDolls, was asked by CoverDoll's publisher to write a piece with some pics on a monthly base. I guess the publisher must have been really desperate.
Of course Koen accepted because he will grasp any job he can get. He thinks that there are 48 working hours in a day. He is constantly overworked and blames the clock

Anyway, that is where I come in. I am Koen’s first ScoonimDoll.
No..., that is not entirely true. Cybi was made before me... and Denise, and Lori, Chloe, Adam and of course the ScoonimDolls that were made before me and have been send abroad. But these were all first generation ScoonimDolls. I am the first of the second generation. And I am the only one out of stasis.

So, here I am. Just to help Koen out. Temporarily of course, but knowing him...

Stellai ...(^L^)...


Interview with Koen, my creator.

I know this is not really saving you time to do this interview with you, Koen, but we are working on such an interesting project that I feel obliged to my readers to inform them. Can you tell us what we are working on?

???... Are you serious?

Yes, I am. Please answer the question!

But it is still a secret!

Now, come on. It is just a new type of poseable armature for hands for the giant silicon dolls*.

Thank you , you just revealed the secret!

You’re welcome! Can you tell us why you took up this project? You yourself are a meat-based doll, but you told me that the hand we are working on is for huge silicon dolls. It would be more logical that you would have created an improved hand armature for meat-based dolls.

I would really appreciate it if you would not call me a meat-based doll. It makes me feel like a giant hamburger. As for your question. I just did a little bit of research on a highly complex problem. It is not at all certain that I will succeed. And it is far from certain that I will take up this project.

Oh, I thought making those armatures for the silicon big-ones was a cinch compared to making the new hands for ScoonimDolls and that you were convinced that this new project would make you stinking’ rich. Because that was what you told me last week. And if this project has suddenly become so much uncertain to take up, then why are we putting so much time in it? Shouldn’t you put your precious time in more important matters, like making a set of the new hands for me? And as for my description of your kind: I think that meat-based is very accurate.

Ohh great! Yeah, really smart to mention here that this project will make us stinking rich. It was just a joke when I said that. A JOKE, Stellai! Now everybody is going to think that I am a moneygrubber and that they are going to pay way too much for those new hands. We haven't even finished the prototype and you already managed to collapse the market for it. I hope you have a plan to turn this around.

Shall we discuss that next month when we continue this interview?

I think I am suddenly very much occupied next month.

You promised me!

Yeah, yeah, Sighh...

That's all for now, dear readers. Thank you for staying tuned. Next month I will be back with more revelations and I hope to see you all at the International Doll Meet in September.

Love and hugs!

Stellai ...(^L^)...


What kind of ending is that? And more revelations? Stellai, it is just a blog, not a crime-busting TV-show!

Unfortunately it is not, but it could be! I have ambitions too, you know. Besides that: it is my article! So, mind your own business!

Mind my own business?...But this is my business. You are my business. You cannot tell me to mind my own bussines. That is weird!

Of course I can. I just did!

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