A flying start for 2015
(part 1 - prologue)
Photos first published in CoverDoll
10 Januari 2015

Except for the first photo the pics below are GIF animations. This means that the photos that you see are in fact slideshows. The interval is set on 2 seconds and in the left corner you can see the progress of the slideshow. Below each slideshow I have added the links to the photos in jpg, because the quality of GIF animation really is very poor.

The text is a copy of Stellai's blog in CoverDoll of this month (January 2015).



Stellai’s blog January 2015: The Christmas Card (part 1 / prologue)

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Dear readers,

This month I have for you the first part of the story and photo series of the making of my spectaculair Christmas card , which you all have seen last month. Other than last year I had decided to leave nothing to chance or Koen, which is pretty much the same. Well, that is not entirely true . Koen did make the design for the outfit ( I still have no access to the sketching module in his part of our brain, but I am working on it!) and he insisted on making the photos, which are unfortunately all again in his usual snapshot style. Please accept my apologies for this... again. Sighh!


Sketching is one, but making the patterns is quite another skill. Making clothing is a delicate job, you know. If it does not fit perfect, you look like one of those stiff Barbie dolls when you move . And there is also the risk of damage to your skin or getting indentation, which is equally bad.

Being the lucky owner of a pair of normal sized hands instead of those gaint size shovels that Koen has, it was no more than obvious that I would do the making of patterns and the sawing . Asking Koen for this is like asking the machinist of a wrecking ball crane to put a nail into your wall for hanging up a painting . Now I know that Koen is a hell of a machinist and I will never stop being amazed by his skills, but why risk the hard way, when you can take the easy way. The only problem I have to face is the fact that the equipment is all giant sized. But I am used to that. Though it would be nice to have a pair of scissors in normal size .

(Click here for the images in better quality: a001 , a002 , a003 , a004 , a005 )

As mentioned, the design of the Christmas outfit was made by Koen. He could have done a better job, but I think he got distracted by the Christmas babes on the internet that he watched for the ‘details’ of their outfits, and for which he had to study the size of their woowies or woobs* .

* that is what he said after quickly putting some kind of cookie in his mouth and turning the laptop screen on black. I have no idea what woowies are and why the sudden secrecy . But then again, I am not a designer and I don’t have red ears .

(Click here for the images in better quality: a006 , a007 , a008 , a009 , a010 , a011 )

Fortunately Rosaleintje ‘volunteered’ for wearing the red Santa-babe outfit . Red does not work on me, you know. I have been told that it was because of the color of my pubic hair or something like that .

(Click here for the images in better quality: a012 , a013 , a014 , a015 , a016 , a017 , a018 )

Already for months we have a scooter. Koen had bought it for me for a nickel and a dime at some fair. But – how typical - he forgot to check the engine. So, naturally it did not work. He promised to fix it, but... The scooter however – as you all know by now - was an important piece in my plan for the Christmas photo, so I called in the ‘troops’ .

(Click here for the images in better quality: b001 , b002 , b003 , b004 )

You know, I really am very fond of Hand. She is absolutely loyal to me and quite handy at times . Unfortunately she is as blind as a bat. It could have worked though, if she had listened. But she also has no ears. In fact it is quite surprising that she responds at all to what I say and does not stumble over everything that gets in her way. I still have no idea out how she manages to do that .

(Click here for the images in better quality: b005 , b006 , b007 , b008 , b009 , b010 )

Anyway, Hand may be a good pet, but as you can see, sometimes she is a lousy help . This forced me decide to cross over to plan ‘B’.

Plan B: If nobody else does it for you , do it yourself!

Living with giants makes one most creative. I think it is reasonable to say that I may be six times smaller than my giant female family members, but I am at least a dozen times more handy . Especially when you consider the size of the tools I have to use .

(Click here for the images in better quality: c001 , c002 , c003 , c004 , c005 )

(Click here for the images in better quality: c006 , c007 , c008 , c009 , c010 )

Okay, be honest now. Raise your hand if you thought that could not have made this scooter work .

No hands?? I am flattered!

I admit there was some collateral damage. But how was I to foresee that watching in the exhaust was not such a good plan. (Gave me the best laugh in years, though )

It is always at times like these that Koen starts to interfere. Instead of giving us compliments about getting the scooter running he completely freaked out because of a litte bit of dirt on Rosaleintjes face. Koen can be such a party pooper . Instead of letting me just wipe of the dirt of her face he insisted for Rosaleintje to have a complete cleaning session. As if we could not do that ourselves.
So humiliating!

(Click here for the images in better quality: d001 , d002 , d003 , d004 )

Well, that all for now folks. I cannot promise to see you all next month, because I am going to have some major surgery. A couple of days ago I broke my jaw. Koen says it is because I talk too much. Bollocks of course! And I think this would never has happened if he would have listened a bit more instead of questioning everything I say. Also a megaphone would have been helpful. I am sick and tired of shouting “WATCH IT !! ” to avoid being stepped on.

Anyway, now Koen is working out a plan to fix it to operate on my face and skull. And I can see from his face that he is quite nervous about it. And frankly speeking, so am I I have a lot of confidence in the guy, but this is my head and pretty face we are talking about. So, I seriously hope to see you all again next month!


Stellai ...(^L^)...



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