Strawberry, Stellai?
(part 2 - final)
Photos originally posted on TDF, UKLDF and ODC
29 December 2013

Cannot deny that some time after creating the Facebook account for Stellai I thought it had been a waste of time. Shortly after her appearance several persons had requested to become friend with her but except for me none of her new friends actually did chat with her. I still do not know what happened, but some weeks ago that suddenly all changed. Big fun for Stellai and her friends. A lot of extra work for me. But it would not be fair to complain, because one of her new friends is greengrocer and he offered to supply the fruit for the Christmas photoshoot, which was really very generous. So I went to visit him, we discussed what fruit would be best to use and I left his vegetable shop with two bags filled with fruit delicacies free of charge.
To create the element of surprise in my photo shoot I decided not to tell Stellai about the actual amount of fruit that had been donated. And while she was struggling her way into the long black dress I finished the scene for the photoshoot in another part of my workshop.

Because it looked great on last years photo shoot I wanted to use again the PU filler material I used for snow look-a-like. It is glass bubbles as big as dust and its weight is light like real snow. The similarity with scaled snow is fantastic.
To avoid that the strawberries would be covered with the white dust of the filler material I made the scene with the filler material first. But when I wanted to add the fruit a little problem popped up...
Once I gently put the first strawberry on spotless little snow hill it turned out that the fruit was so much heavier than the ‘snow’ that the strawberry instantly sank to the bottom of the little hill, invisible for the camera.
Fortunately I had been given a lot of strawberries. So, what you see is really only the tip of the fruitberg.

Old habits die hard.
You probably noticed that Stellai did not had her grappling hook when she strode to the desk for the photoshoot (last photo of the previous series). At first I thought she had decided to leave it on the workbench but it turned out she simply had forgotten it. When I asked her about it she ordered me to hand over her grappling hook. I offered to lift her onto the desk, but as said: old habits die hard.

Thank God some things in life are still predictable. Stellai’s reaction was just I imagined.

When Stellai saw the strawberries she completely went bananas. But as a result she completely lost track and strolled like an elephant through my carefully created snow scene. She even was totally surprised when I stopped her and reminded her of the fact that we were doing a photoshoot.

I requested Stellai to go and sit on the little carpet that I created for her in the middle of the piles of fruit. She complied, but other than I hoped for, not with the carefulness that was needed. The elephant in her still was still fully in control and while keeping her strawberry safe she strolled and crawled onto the carpet, making such a mess that I was about to kick her out and get myself a decent barbie. It became clear to me that my plan to make a slick looking photo for the Christmas card needed to be postponed.

The original plan was to give her a little piece of the fruit to ‘eat’ after the photo shoot because of the mess that I knew would follow. Stellai does not have a digestive system and she is not hollow on the inside. She can put food in her mouth, but it cannot go anywhere else than the same way out. I told her so a thousand times, but in this respect she really is like a child. She has to experience it for herself.

Stellai is quite self-reliant, so I more or less had expected that once she realized that she could not swallow the food, she would stand up and find something to clean her mouth. Therefor what happened next came for me as a total surprise.

Of course I felt sorry for her. But did you know that this was the first time ever that I hugged her ?!
It felt really good and it was great because that moment I realized that I had entered a new stage in my understanding of Stellai. My Christmas could not have had a better start!




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