Strawberry, Stellai?
(part 1)
Photos originally posted on TDF, UKLDF and ODC
23 December 2013

As promised I have created a new topic to show you the photo series that went prior to the making of my Christmas card.

It all started with just a remark that I considered to do something with food in the Christmas card. Now I admit that I knew the subject of food was an item to Stellai for already quite a long time. I guess it was also because of this that I brought it up. It is good to have a subject that triggers your model because it makes better pictures. I suppose I do not tell you anything new with this.
The food issue however had become a far bigger item for Stellai than I thought. As soon as I told her about my plan, she completely took over. When you have read her thread on facebook you know how she was supported (read: indoctrinated) by her facebook friends that loaded her with help and suggestions and after a couple of days she started to believe that she could eat an ox.

In an attempt to try to keep it civilized, after all the photo shoot was intended to make a Christmas card and not a carnival, I decided to give her a fork and an elegant long black dress and a matching pair of high heel shoes.
The fork was an instant hit. She carried it around for days like her most precious possession. The dress, however gorgeous and of perfect fit, could not charm her. But being on a tight schedule I could not afford to make a complete series of designs of dresses to have madam make her choice. So I decided to persevere, counting on it that Stellai would give in once she had seen the dress in real...

The dress really took me days to make. Especially the bustiere was a pain. To make sure that it would have a perfect fit I made a special PU cast for this on a dummy ScoonimDoll o create a strong but flexible base and covered it with preformed textile cups that I made using thermo forming.
I do not think that Stellai had any idea about my efforts on this. But she did nag me about the designs of the sleeves.

I thought at first that Stellai was trying to figure out how to put on the dress because she kept her blouse and daisy jeans on. Turned out that she thought there was no need. For her it was all about eating the food. The dress was just a kind of inconvenient table napkin.

And it even did not had the clamp that I promised for her grappling hook . How stupid of me to forget!

Now I may be a softy, but I am not going to let me ruin my photoshoot with many days of preparations because of Stellai’s whims. So I told her: No blouse, otherwise no food!

And also no shorts!
It may seem obvious to you and me, but believe me: she would have kept them on if I would not have said it!

Surely you remember the bikini story. As you can see below, it still has not completely faded out. Sighh!

Photo albums are misleading. You only keep the ones that remind you of the good things. I managed to capture this brief moment that Stellai truely was surprised that the dress looked so good on her.

To be continued...



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