Just a bikini (part 8 - final)
Photos originally posted on TDF, UKLDF and ODC
14-30 November 2013

Just one more score to settle

‘See, see, Stellai knew!’
Of course Stellai knew. What else did you expect! Being locked inside one brain it is pretty hard to shield ones thoughts. I must say that the fact that it is possible to shield anything is actually quite surprising. And I am glad that it turned out to be possible because otherwise my little scheme would not had hold out for a day. What actually surprised me most was that it was quite easy to drop little hints to influence the course of this ‘story’ without being detected. I do admit that I feel a little bad about that, but it was all for a good cause. Well, at least from my perspective it was. And I must say that Oksanna played her role very convincing. She almost made even me believe that she actually did eat that apple. But if you have eyes like Oksanna you can make anybody believe anything. I am very curious how she will turn out to be once she has connected with her sponsor. Well, at least he does not have to buy her a bikini and shoes, so she can more gradually give him the third degree. And I can spare a bikini and a pair of high heels, no problem!

What still remains to be a mystery to me is why you, my dear Koen, made that deal in the first place. You are usually is pretty good in foreseeing things. And accepting to send Oksanna naked is not like you. I am sure you agree that you were bound to get regrets about that. So I talked to Oksanna and we set up this little scheme to make you believe that Oksanna felt utterly uncomfortable feeling naked in front of you. (that little tart almost blew it when you peeked over me, but fortunately you did not notice!) But I am proud to say that my plan worked out fine. I managed to spare you the conflict of feeling bad about sending Oksanna off naked. And now we also have the new rule that ScoonimDolls will no longer be shipped naked, which means that your clients are now obliged to order at least a bikini set, which is extra income for you.
You may thank me!


Oksanna is so funny. She knows all these little moves to make her look like the delicate helpless princess. And in the mean time she swings and wiggles those round buttocks of her. Hilarious! She really is quite an actress.
Unfortunately in the next couple of pics she was overdoing it a little. She insisted to include a little 'Thank-you-Stellai' act. I thought she meant shaking hands or such. Not the sticky hanging!

Koen, it would have been nice if you would have rescued me from her grip instead of that stupid giggling you did. You know that I hate it when dolls hang on my neck. This girl needs her space!

I must say that you really did a fine job one her curls. Any chance that you can also do that with me? Would be nice for a change.

Ok, just one more score to settle. Let me give you a hint. It involves my tongue...

Ok, that's all for now folks. Thank you all for watching!
And please don't praise the big guy too much. His feet are already too big for his shoes.



So, that is what all that secrecy was about today. Capturing my topic, rewriting the final piece and using my password and account to change my story into yours! That is LOW!!!




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