Just a bikini (part 7)
Photos originally posted on TDF, UKLDF and ODC
14-30 November 2013

Can still see her!

In the survival of the fittest you might expect that the weak and helpless should become extinct. But to a certain level I have reason to doubt that. I noticed that the weak and helpless sometimes, if not often, have better survival talents than the fit and strong. The simple logic here is that in order to survive they have the more reason to develop those talents, otherwise they will die. Where the fit and strong do not hesitate to undertake perilous action, the weak and helpless just sit and wait for the others to bring them what they want for which their philanthropist is paid with the feeling that he did a good deed. The system usually is cloaked under the heading of parenthood or partnership. Under this law of nature I see every year the couples of tomtits in our garden working themselves to death to feed their young. But the species that suffers most under this law of cloaked philantrophy is us humans. All due to the fact that we have a conscious this law will most likely become the reason for our extinction. Fortunately it is most unlikely that we will have to deal with that during our lifetime and for many generations more. But for whoever wants to see, the signs are clear

Not being alive in the common sense of the word and therefor not bound to the laws of nature concerning survival, Stellai does not need to obey this human urge for philantrophy. Therefor it is very hard to tell what she is really up to until it happens. But after giving Oksanna the white bikini of her own wardrobe it was obvious. Oksanna had played the card of the need for help and... ‘surprise, surprise’ ... Stellai took it.
In the back of my head the little voice started to whisper again: See, see, Stellai knew...

Yeah, sure. No peeking allowed But need I remind you that I have made Oksanna single handed and that every part of her body has been shaped and colored by me and that therefor it is ridiculous to try to shield Oksanna’s nakedness from my eyes. All considered it is actually quite surprising that I made a little joke out of it. Viewing these photos, I think it would have been equally fair if I would have become really pissed!

To be continued...



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