Just a bikini (part 5)
Photos originally posted on TDF, UKLDF and ODC
14-30 November 2013

And now, ladies and gentlemen,
I present to you:

Stellai did not go for a stroll. But also her usual counterattack hold off. Instead she ignored me completely and addressed me to Oksanna as ‘that talking piece of wallpaper’:mad:. Now, had this been our first quarrel then of course I would only have been able to guess, but it was not and after ‘the finger’ I knew for certain that some kind of repercussion was bound to come
Because there was no use waiting for that and so I thought it best to focus on other more important matters like the pretty little round butt of Oksanna that was staring me in the face while she was covering her little boobies (think whatever you like, but fact is that they are only the size of my thumb) while she was watching Stellai busy doing something with her rope.
And then it stroke me. Oksanna had eaten the forbidden fruit! :
Now, ScoonimDolls are not equipped with a digestive system and therefor they cannot really eat. one of the consequences of this is that until they have learned otherwise ScoonimDolls do not experience shame over their nakedness. For me this is most convenient because making a ScoonimDoll as such already takes a lot of time, but if I would have been forced to constantly cover their private parts while making them, it would take me forever.
But the fact that they cannot eat does not mean that they do not try. ScoonimDolls may not be able to swallow and digest, but when a ScoonimDoll is equipped with a poseable face she certainly can put food into their mouth.

Because there is a growing amount of questions to which I do not know the answer, I had to accept the possibility that Oksanna actually had tried to eat the forbidden fruit :sick, in which case the problem of her feeling of shame over her nakedness would be easily solvable. A bit of toothbrushing would almost certainly solve the problem. But if her feeling of shame was caused by something else, then the only option would be to dress her.
In a corner inside my head a little voice started to whisper: "Stellai knew..."

Being the circumstances as they were, I decided not to throw more oil on the fire. And after allowing myself a brief extra moment staring at the perfectly shaped naked backside of Oksanna I told her that in this position she needed to cover her cute little buttocks instead of her lovely breasts.

It is not what you probably think it is in the photo below. I was just making sure that Oksanna would not fall of my desk. She would not be the first ScoonimDoll make a tumble, you know.

To be continued...



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