Just a bikini (part 4)
Photos originally posted on TDF, UKLDF and ODC
14-30 November 2013

Stellai mite be small, but such a fireball! (thank you Deerman!)

It would really have been so much easier for me to resist if Stellai would have been full size. Because then she would not be able to play the card of the 'poor little underdog'. Not that she ever really plays that card (actually playing that card would be a laugh, because there is no a shred of underdog in her!), but her ScoonimDoll size just gives her that credit, and that makes me more easy to give in. I am a sucker for ScoonimDolls, I know, I know Other than I hoped for she also decided not to play the charme card, but choose to fight me with my own weapon, which is reasoning. Not entirely unexpected of course. After all her talking and thoughts sprout from my own mind. But personally I would have prefered to see her start a charme offensive. The photos of that are so much more pleasing .

The problem with having a talking doll inside your head is that she exactly pushes the right buttons. But making ScoonimDoll clothing really takes lot of time and no clothing was ordered for Oksanna. Therefor I decided to stand my ground
So, when she arrived in her plea at the part where
she said:
"...and now you are supposed to say to me: indeed Stellai you are absolutely right!"
I replied :
" Stellai dear, from up here you really do have a big cleavage, did you know?"
She exploded!

I admit that my reply did not really fit the conversation, but it just popped out. After making a whole series of photos of her standing in front of me, having me watching to those perfect tiny oversized knockers wiggling in her blouse... What would you have thought of!

But at least the discussion was over. Stellai would go for a stroll, or so I thought, and in the mean time I would be able to think about how to turn this 'little incident' into a happy ending

To be continued...



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