Just a bikini (part 3)
Photos originally posted on TDF, UKLDF and ODC
14-30 November 2013

I guess it is like small dogs. It may be compensation for their size, or may even be because of their size. But it is a fact that small dogs are a lot more fierce than the large ones

When Stellai realized that I had no intention to make clothing for Oksanna, she instantly decided to disagree and determined herself to make me reconsider. Because I know her temper and I also know that in the end she really is a very reasonable doll, I was not so much alarmed when she stepped right on my keyboard , tramped like a little hurricane towards me and started tapping her little foot to impress me. Tapping her foot! I honestly do not know where she got that from. One might say that it could be genetic, but that won't apply for the simple fact that she has no DNA, and therefor she also has no genes. Being her creator I am quite certain about that
Now I know that when my wife would tap her foot I would definitely be concerned, but even though I really try to treat Stellai with similar respect, I must admit that I had to make an effort to keep my face straight and suppress the giggle that started to bounce up and down in my chest and tried to work its way up.

Knowing that all of her arguments really just came straight from my own thoughts, I was surprised that she did not give the counter arguments as well. Stellai clearly expected me to debate with her. This of course was not new to me, but it was different because of her fierceness.
Stellai also showed that she had learned from a previous experience. First cut of the sharp edges of the money arguments and then throw in the charme. She even smartly left out the argument of cold, which proved that she was aware that there was no point using it because ScoonimDolls are not affected by cold. (You may remember my photoshoot of Stellai naked in the snow (2012 Winter Special)).

While she was orating about the money aspect, which btw is really weird because she does not have a clou what money is other that round metal plates and pieces of printed paper, I started to wonder if she really would be able to come up with an original argument or if she just was searching for the weak spot in my defenses. Stellai noticed that I got distracted and she decided to go for full power...

To be continued...



deerman wrote:
Welcome to the world of red heads! Stellai mite be small, but such a fireball.

Hi deerman, I think your comment is brilliant.
I have used it as the opening for the next chapter, because it fitted like a glove.




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