Just a bikini (part 2)
Photos originally posted on TDF, UKLDF and ODC
14-30 November 2013

When you love somebody you want tease her. I do not know why, but it is a fact and I am no exception (hell,no!) I think this must have been my reason to have Oksanna help me pulling Stellai's leg by hiding her under the towel.

Oksanna really is a sweetheart and she first hesitated because she thought that Stellai would be so much disappointed when she would not be there. But I told her that I would not play Stellai too long to upset her and so she agreed.
I must say that my tease worked perfect. But as small and ignorent such things may seem, it is in this kind of actions that the personality of the other are affected. Not that this is all bad, but it does. Some react to this by trying to get even, others develop a more reserved attitude. With Stellai it is definitely the first. In the last few years Stellai has developed into a very much forward going person. Especially when I am not around she first acts and then asks questions. It gets her frequently into trouble, but I also must admit that because of her atitude she accomplishes things that otherwise would have remained to be out of her reach.
When this photoshoot was made however there was another aspect in the development of her personality that pushed itself to the surface...

At the time Oksanna was ordered I still offered ScoonimDolls naked with an option to order clothing as well.

ScoonimDoll clothing I also need to make myself because standard clothing is unlikely to fit and of course I like the ScoonimDolls to be dressed in original clothing. Consequently my clothing for ScoonimDolls is very expensive because of most clothing pieces I make there is only one or two. But unlike making dolls a lot of people are capable of making doll clothing, or know someone who can. And so it happened that I agreed to send Oksanna off naked. But when I told Stellai of this she frowned at first and then...

To be continued...



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