Just a Bikini (part 1)
Photos originally posted on TDF, UKLDF and ODC
14-30 November 2013

The photos for the story that you are about to see were made when I finished Oksanna, who is therefor of course the special guest star. All characters are purely fictionous except for of course for Stellai, who wants everybody including herself to know that she is very real, that she is not a creation of my mind, that Oksanna in real speaks Russian and I am in fact the only fictionous character in this story, pretending to be kind and understanding, but according to her (Stellai) I am in real some kind of selfish, narcistic, tyrannic, oversized ScoonimDoll that calls himself human (after which she standard shouts: "whatever that may be!") with some very, very strange ideas about life.

Ok, enough introducing.
I hope you will enjoy this ride. To minimize the risk of you dying from exaltation (or total boredom) and giving our not so regular guests the opportunity to hop on, I will cut the story in parts and make regular updates for the next few weeks. The total amount of photos is 60 and there are also some video clips...


After the finishing of Tanyss and Svetlanna and the story I made of them with Stellai (see my topic: Just a Peek) Stellai got so much depressed that for a long time I thought it best not to show her any of my new work. I did not want to risk a new depression because the new doll would also be shipped shortly after the presentation shoot and I knew Stellai would feel alone again. But like a real woman she sensed that I was withholding something from her and when her asking got to the level of serious threatening, I decided to give in. But other than I did with Tanyss and Svetlanna I thought it best to have Stellai actually meet the new ScoonimDoll....

To be continued...



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