Stellai's first photoshoot (part 4)
Photos originally posted on TDF
25-29 June 2013

Fortunately I still only have one prototype male ScoonimDoll and even for Stellai's ambitions he is out of order. Otherwise I would have been be forced to call the fire brigade

You may have noticed that some photos were taken from a higher angle than Stellai's length. I decided to volunteer for 'crane truck' because she wanted to climb the appletree in our garden to make some shoots. Now, the camera I let Stellai use may be not that expensive, but it is the camera of my youngest daughter... Some things I better not risk


Because the male did not turn up ( ) , the final part of the series is a bit boring...


Selection of comments:

Szalinski wrote:
OK, show of hands, how many here want to "climb the steps of Mount Suleiya"?

Excellent photography and nearly flawless scaling, as usual, Koen; not just on the doll herself, but her surroundings in general. Have you ever thought of submitting some of your work (along with a resume') to the film industry?

You wrote: “...stop staring at Suleiya's assets and focus on the flaws!!”
There are flaws?



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