Stellai's first photoshoot (part 3)
Photos originally posted on TDF
25-29 June 2013

Ok, next series.
Stellai has directed Suleiya to the part in which she would (pretend to!) need some time for herself after the 'hard work'. You know, the walking around with a couple of empty buckets and in the next series the pretending to put hay on a wheelbarrow (that, by the way, cannot even ride because the wheels are glued to the frame!! )


to be continued...


Selection of comments:

Deerman wrote:
That takes the "roll in the hay" to another level.

Bilbo Baggins wrote:
just another day on the farm, good work , love the pitch fork

Nescio wrote:
I'm sorry, I just see this gorgeous woman

Fenrisulfr wrote:
Must have more please

Koen replied:
Thank you for your comments, but its not very helpfull. Please focus on the task!

Life-is-plastic wrote:
May I point out a serious fire-hazard? Never leave a hot doll in dry hay !!!!

Koen replied:
Ahh, now we are talking!


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