Stellai's first photoshoot (part 2)
Photos originally posted on TDF
25-29 June 2013

Ok, let's continue.
As you all noticed I was given the afternoon off by Stellai. She wanted to do the presentation shoot of Suleiya and she challenged me for it. And I was so stupid to accept...
Not that I do not like a nice relaxing afternoon, but if it was up to Stellai I would soon be retired. So, if you think that the shoot is actually total crap (I admit, you already left me with little hope for that), then please, please , please let me know. I will have a stronger case to resist her next time


to be continued...


Selection of comments:

Nescio wrote:
More pictures Please continue....

Koen replied:
I agree, in order to judge Stellai for her photographic talent it is important to see the lot. But you all really need to be more attentive. It would have been so much helpful if somebody else then me would have cared to notice that the fork Suleiya used was photographed from the side, which is an obvious beginners mistake. Come on guys, stop staring at Suleiya's assets and focus on the flaws!!


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