Stellai's first photoshoot (part 1)
Photos originally posted on TDF
12 September 2013

Because till this moment Stellai does not have her own account on, I have posted the next series there under my own name. In a previous topic I created there I already had given a hint from what was to come next.

8 April 2014


Hi guys,

As promised in my previous topic I am now going to show you the presentation series of Suleiya made by Stellai and Oksanna (and me ).

The photo shoot was made in our garden next to the summer residence (shelter) of our guinea pigs who also were so kind to supply us with fresh hay.

As for those amongst you who like to see my work in real life, I like to tell you that I have decided to attend the meet in Wales this October (2013). Of course Stellai will come with me, but... Suleiya will be there as well . Oksanna will not be there. She is already on her way back to Russia.
I am really looking forward to it. I was told that the gathering promised to become the biggest here so far and truely international. So I hope to meet several of you there.

I hereby like to thank Suleiya's owner in the US with all my heart for his patience because he now has to wait more than a month longer to receive Suleiya and he was already boiling from excitation.


to be continued...


Selection of comments:

life-is-plastic wrote:
twee emmertjes water halen,
twee emmertjes pompen,
de meisjes op de klompen ...

awesome shoot ... cannot wait to see the rest.

Koen replied:
I almost had forgotten that song. But now watching the photo, I really cannot understand how I missed it. Thanks for bringing it back to me

Mistress wrote:
Someone likes redheads

Koen replied:
Let me tell you a secret: All of my clients suddenly like redheads when it comes to ScoonimDolls. It is because of Stellai. She secretly crawls into my clients heads wispering redhead.. redhead
It is true!

angelah wrote:
I am a little confused, is it Suleiya with her back to us?

Koen replied:
Yeah, that is Suleiya. To get Stellai walking around in her naked butt nowadays I need to pull out my wallet


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