Blugg, glugg and lutefisk
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25-29 June 2013
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Photography, sketch and design by Don

Photography, sketch and design by Don

This is the first dress we designed for the movie. I will be wearing this in the fashion show scene where I'm introduced as the designer of a line of swimwear.

I just found out that I will be doing some modeling on Saturday in Downtown Nashville. We'll be taking promotional photos for the book, my Facebook banner and for my blugg. I don't know what a blugg is, but it sounds disgusting .

I wonder if blugg is the same as lutefisk? It sounds just as bad. I hope it's not anything like lutefisk -- that stuff is gross.

Hmmm... maybe it's more like glugg? That I would like!

Blugg, glugg and lutefisk? Where did you come up with words like these? Even Google translator ends up blank. Don't recall that your English vocabulary was that extensive when you left. I trust you still remember how to speak Dutch .

You didn't know? I had a layover in Sweden! Lutefisk is whitefish that has been prepared with lye that turns it into jelly. Glugg is hot spiced wine.

Lutefisk - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

And I STILL don't know what blugg is!

That lutefisk indeed looks gross! What on earth do humans need it for? I have googled on pics for glugg, but all that came up were pics of humans that had holes between their teeth. I guess this spicy wine of yours is not so good for the teeth. So unless you like to ruin your teeth...

I have been thinking about this 'blugg'. Perhaps you just misread it. Try 'blur', that should make sense .

Blur? I don't know. He said he's taking pictures for it. Do you take pictures for a blur?

Photographs can be blurry. Koen says that it sometimes happens, but that you can also do it on purpose to achieve some kind of effect .

I read the script again last night. My character is named Summer Rains. I can't decide if that's a silly name or a cool one .

Either way, I kind of like it .

Summer seems nice so far -- and she's a fashion designer. She is also a secret agent, too, who specializes in hand-to-hand combat and seductive information gathering. My character is a sexy spy or something like that! This is going to be a lot of fun!

You know, I must admit that I was a bit jealous at first. But now I think it is really cool to have a sister who is a moviestar in America! .

Thanks, Stell! Only it turns out I'm the star of a picture book, not a movie .

What a strange company that hired you. First they want you to model, then they want you to be a moviestar and now they want you to be a spy in a picture book. They switch faster than I can blink my eyes! Are you sure they are trustworthy? If you don't watch out you might end up as a porn actress in some second rate adult movie. Which by the way is a perfectly respectable occupation ( after all we were designed to model for this). But I found out that this kind of work is a carreer killer for just about any other occupation. So, please be carefull!

But I guess 'spy' is good. I found out that it is real easy. Because humans are so big it is very easy for me to hide and spy on them. They are really weird, you know. The more I study them, the stranger they become. They have this kind of superiority attitude which makes them believe that they know evertthing. For instance: when I am spying on Koen he later tells me that he knew all along and that it was he who made me spy on him . Now, you tell me, how weird is that!! Not that I believe him of course, but it demonstrates my point.
Are there also humans in that company that hired you?

There is one human, who is the scriptwriter and photographer. He keeps mentioning someone else that does drawings, but I've never met him or seen any of his drawings .

And I think the modeling and movie thing were misunderstandings. Apparently this job was always about modeling for a story book. It's very confusing, but I think I've got it straight now. The idea that a story book needs a screenplay to be written first is a bit confusing -- as is the idea that I'm doing modeling for a story book. But now that I've seen what's planned it all makes sense .

Sorry to read that you are not going to be a moviestar, but hey, modelling for this storybook also can be fun. I did a little bit movie work some time ago, but it was just a simple action scene and it did not involve any real stop-motion acting. It is going to be a part of the next photo story Koen is working on .

So there is also a real artist involved who is going to make drawings. Sounds great! No doubt he will also make sketches of you. But make sure you keep your clothes on. Artists have a notorious reputation. Koen is also a kind of artist. He is working on a painting of me carrying this huge hammer an on the painting there is also a dragonfly that is nailed to a piece of wood. I still do not know what it means but it appears to be a kind of statement .

So, how is the dress developing? I have seen the photo with the sketch. It looks good, but it does not strike me as a dress for a spy. But then again, maybe that is the whole idea . If the dress works out fine, maybe you can pass me the address of your tailor. I am about to give up hope that I will ever get something else to wear when I wait for Koen to make me something new .


Published here on 30-03-2014

Note from Koen:
Here ends the chat Stellai had with Calernae on facebook. I know it is rather sudden. I am sorry. But hey, it was not my chat. I am just the editor here.
Special thanks to Don for the photos .


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