Clothing, gerbils and a dagger
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21 June 2013
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Calernae ScoonimDoll

( Profile photo of Calernae on Facebook...ok, this image has been cropped on facebook to hide her nipples. We do not want to all those poor facebook friends to get shocked. )

I wonder if I'll hear from Stellai?

Hey Cali,
Got some clothes on? Sorry for this, but first you keep complete radio silence and the next thing I see is you posing on ODC butt-naked with your fingers in your ...
What on earth were you thinking! Never mind, I don't want to know.
So, how is it in the Pyramid? Made any friends yet?

Oh my goodness, it is so good to see your little icon. Sorry for not being around, but I really haven't been out much since I got here.
I've spent most of my time hanging around a drafting table watching the storyboards for my movie develop. The script is pretty good!
This whole storyboard thing goes really slowly, though.

As for clothes, well, that bikini was getting really uncomfortable. And apparently there is nothing around here in my size, which is weird, because I've seen a LOT of clothing around here, but it's all size 6 to 8, and I'm a size 12. Why do you think he has all that clothing and none of it fits me? Anyway, I'm gonna stay naked for a while, until we can find something that fits me better.

Speaking of which, we did a rendering today of the first dress for my movie! I'll see if I can get it posted here. It's beautiful!

I'm a bit confused about your pyramid question... this is a house like Koen's from what I can tell. Oh and they have these REALLY BIG gerbils here, only they have long legs and they make a funny "ROUW" sound. They are kind of scary, but pretty, too.

I've made one friend here and he's pretty nice to me. He's the one that is writing my movie. Oh and there's another doll here named Black Angel, if you can believe that. My first day here she trips right in front of me and then she blames it on me! Can you believe it. Why would I trip some skinny blonde who likes to play with knives?

Anyway, it's so good to hear from you, hon. (I'm in the South, and they call everybody "hon".) Don't be a stranger!

Wow, that is a lot of new information for me to process! So now you are going to be a movie star? I thought is was just a modelling job.
Jeeh, you really are fortunate, girl!. And what kind of movie are they planning to make: Stop-motion, or vitrual 3D ( I have seen how they do this.
They scan you and make your digital image move virtually and then there is something with blue screens . I hope for you it will be Stop-motion, because that is where the real acting is!

Clothing really is a problem, I know. You remember my wardrobe (of course you do!)? Well, I recently have sorted it out, but as it turned out I seem to have just about nothing to wear. Some of it is so much uncomfortable that I seriously fear it will ruin my skin when I put it on. Like for instance the bustier that we struggled over. What was Koen thinking when he made this!! If I would have known this, I would have passed it to you gladly! Already for some time Koen's daughters, his wife and I are telling hom to design some new clothing for me. His wife even proposed to make it, but no luck so far. I even suggested that he could ask Joradien. She can make the most fabulous barbarian clothing, although it is not really my style. But hey, better that than nothing. A doll needs some new cloths every now and then, don't you agree?

I must say that I am most intrigiued by those gerbil beasts you mentioned. First I thought you were talking about guinea pigs like 'Dotje' and 'Knorrie'. They are bigger than gerbils, but do not have long legs and they are big, but not that big. And you mentioned that they were really big and had long legs. So I checked on Google and I found this:

They call it a Capibara and you can see from the monkeys that it is huge. I really advise you to keep away from it because, eventhough it is said it only chews on vegetables, its teeth are enormous and it can bite your head straight off!

I am glad to know that you have a friend there. Is he a doll as well or is he human? I hope for you he is a doll, because humans can be really bossy. They have this attitude like "you are the little doll and I am the big human, and I tell you what to do". Even the small humans have it. Koen said that it is in their genes, whatever that is.

Koen already told me about your encounter with that dagger-doll. I do hope you kept it civalized. Gosh, I would have given anything to see the surprise on her face (unless of course she is one of those that just smile or grins at you whatever happens).

Did you know that Oksanna is still here? Koen fixed her and I helped. When she was finished again, he just made some pics and then put her in stasis. Don't know when she goes back. And I do not understand why she cannot be my compagnion for the time being. Koen says it is to make sure she does not get damaged, but I think that is bullshit! It would have been fun to talk again with Oksanna. She is a bit sheepish, but she is has a really good soul (better than that black one of you...Just kidding ). Anyway, we are now working on a new sis. She is going to be called Suleiya.

Okay, enough written for now. I am off.


Oh! That Capibara is scary! But it turns out that the big gerbils are cats. How was I supposed to know that?

And I guess I had it wrong. I'm not going to be in a movie, Stell. I'm going to be in a picture book. Kind of like a comic book, but with photos instead of drawings. So it's kind of like modeling, which I'm very good at!

You've got cats there?? You better watch out, dear. Cats are notorious hunters. For them you are just prey. They look fuzzy, but they have really nasty claws hidden inside their paws. You know I do not like weapons, but I suggest you ask Dark angel to lent you a dagger.


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