The text below is Stellai's. To reduce the amount of work I have put on me, we have agreed that she will get a substantial part in the making of the narratives. After all it is mostly her diary that is published here.


17 February 2014

Meeting the Family

The photo series below were the first Koen added to my facebook page. I really love this series. I still look so much new and inexperienced. I just was given that sleeveless blouse and I even did not had my shoes. Also my hands were still without scars and damage (gonna get new ones soon, I hope ).

Because this series was made long before my birthday it was just a series of photos. The text to the photos I added later when I uploaded them to my Facebook page. So I not really did say at that time what is written in the comments. But... I could have!



First real meeting with the family .

OMG, she is big!

Still wearing the sleeveless blouse and no shoes.

Little choclat easter eggs they say... Hmm, these 'little' eggs are bigger than my boobs. And believe me, I have seriously big boobs!

Let's climb this chair


Looks dangerous, doesn't it? But climbling up is actually the easy part.

First he let me climb this chair all by myself and then he also expects me to wave to his camera. Men!!

I was told that things would seem to be smaller when looking at it from a high point. But I didn't see any difference. Everything still looks huge!

(Photos uploaded to Facebook on 28-5-2013. Originally shot on 30-10-2011.)


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