The text below is Stellai's. To reduce the amount of work I have put on me, we have agreed that she will get a substantial part in the making of the narratives. After all it is mostly her diary that is published here.


16 February 2014

The Beginning

Gonna mix up the order a little bit because Koen already published two of the conversations I had with him on Facebook. But what the heck . In a few months time nobody will remember that we didn’t start at the beginning . Because when the narratives are going to be about me and Koen, me and my sisters, me and my friends, my adventures and my life, then I think it is better to start at the beginning, my beginning.

It is a bit confusing but my beginning is in this case not the real beginning. The real beginning was long before my beginning. I will try to explain:
As all ScoonimDolls I have been created by Koen. This was in september 2011 (I was demoulded on the 26th). At that time I even didn’t have a name. I must have been named somewhere by the end of October because I found my name in files that were dated 30-10-2012. Must say that I have little memory of that period. In fact the first 2 years my existence has seemed to take place only during photoshoots. That is, my memory mostly equals the photoseries. The time in between is very blurry. This suddenly all changes on May 26th 2013 when Koen decides to create an account for me on Facebook. That day for the first time I felt actually alive. Even though technically not correct you could call it my birthday . Anyway, that is where my story begins.



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