Developing ScoonimDoll is has proven to be a lot of work. A full report would be far too extensive for this website. Therefore I will settle for just a summery of two of the most remarkable parts of the development: the soft body and the expression face.

The development of the soft body

The ScoonimDoll project started after a research project for a foetus doll with better simulation of skin and bodymass. This appeared to be much more difficult than expected. Dozens of tests were made to approach human skin and bodymass on scale 1:6 regarding thickness of the skin, tear strength, impact strength, elongation, elasticity, softness, skinfolding, texture, touch, coloring, process ability, stability and durability. Also the combining of the soft body mass and the relative tough skin requested a lot of research. The main technical problem was how to put a thin, strong, but flexible skin over the bodymass without losing surface refinement. After numberous tests I was forced to conclude that the combination of a seperate skin and bodymass was too hard to realize.

Expression face

After almost a year of development I am finally completing the successor of the current ScoonimDoll model. The new generation ScoonimDolls will get genuine expression faces. Which means that the faces are posable and can show several expressions.
Also the first generation ScoonimDolls have an expression faces, but the expressions are less obvious and rather limited. Clear expressions like laughter or anger are not possible in the first generation. Most of the expressions on picture of ScoonimDolls of the first generation have been added digitally. For this I use SuperGoo. This is the same software that I use to make the scoonims.