ScoonimDolls are made on request only.
A ScoonimDoll is a fully handmade doll. Even though the handmade ScoonimDoll is a reproduction, each ScoonimDoll is different. There is a considerable number of parts that can be customized to the customers preferences during the making of the ScoonimDoll. Each ScoonimDoll is a project to make. Prior to the making we will have a number of 'meetings'(email) to discuss the looks, features, name, character and costs of the new ScoonimDoll.
When you want to purchase a ScoonimDoll, please contact me and I will inform you about current waiting time.

ScoonimDolls are made in one kind of quality only: the highest possible.
A ScoonimDoll will not be transferred untill I am convinced that the new owner will be fully satisfied. Eventhough I am open to special requests, I will not compromise on quality. ScoonimDolls that I have used for testing or presentation on tradefairs are not for sale. I also do not sell cut-off parts or unfinished ScoonimDolls.

What types of ScoonimDolls are available.
Till now I have designed 3 models. 2 feminin an one male. But since Januari 2012only the feminin model of the new (second) generation can be ordered.
In the galleries 1, 2 and 4 and in my blog you will find pics of the 2nd generation model. When watching the pics please keep in mind that every ScoonimDoll is custom made. Things like skin color, tanlines, hair, make-up, eyes, clothing, character and many other options will be adjusted to your preferences.
The development of the male model is currently on hold. Once I have received sufficient requests for this model it will also become available.

Standard features on a ScoonimDoll ( female 2nd generation)
list update September 2014

    - fully seamless doll (no seperate head, hands or feet)
    - fully poseable extremely high quality skeleton for maximum durability
    - Multi casted body (hard fingertips, middle soft hands and feet, very soft body)
    - Fully handpainted from head to toe (paint, ink, dry powder)
    - poseable eyes
    - Independently poseable upper eyelids.
    - Sideways poseable hands
    - poseable fingers
    - Poseable big toes
    - customized eyes, make-up, hair (color, structure and cut), pubic hair, skin color, tanline
    - Opening behind vagina and anus (maximum diameter object insert = 6mm)
    - Special suitcase for transport and safekeeping
    - Authenticity document
    - Printed manual and instruction video
    - Presentation photoshoot

Options available for a ScoonimDoll (female 2nd generation)
list update September 2014
The list below will give you an impression. To some extent even extraordinary requests are possible.
    - Poseable face (see gallery 2)
    - Poseable breasts (see gallery 2)
    - 'Unbreakable' fingers (genuine joints in the finger knuckles instead of the wire frame)
    - All clothing shown in this website (and more)
    - Some accessories shown in this website

How much does a ScoonimDoll cost?
Since January 2012 only the second generation ScoonimDoll (feminin model) can be ordered. The price at this moment (September 2014) for a standard featured ScoonimDoll is 2450,- euro per piece (excl. VAT). On top of this price there will be costs for transport, administration and banking. In average these costs are 250,- euro. Options like extra poseabillity (face, breasts etc.), other clothing, shoes or other accessories are extra's. Costs for this vary. All costs are exclusive of VAT/import tax.
A fully optioned ScoonimDoll full optioned like Stellai with (poseable face, poseable breasts, etc, OOAK outfit) will cost you all-in (incl. VAT/import tax) appr. 5000,- euro.

The male model ScoonimDoll is still in development and therefore not available yet. At this moment its development has low priority. Requests will increase the priority. Ordering a male ScoonimDoll is not possible yet.

Delivery time
Each ScoonimDoll is entirely handmade by me, based on customer preferences. The average time to make a single ScoonimDoll is 6-8 weeks.
Please keep in mind that the time between your request for a ScoonimDoll and the moment I will be able to start working for you can be a lot longer.

My new waiting list system
Because my previous waiting list system (wait your turn) made me lose a lot of time and clients, I recently have changed it. This because some need to make savings while others do not. Therefore I have the old waiting list system changed to a new system which takes this into account.
So if you would like to order a Scoonim Doll and you need to make savings for it, I recommend you to inform me and I will schedule you in advance. This will save you considerable waiting time.
When you do not need to make savings my old waiting list system applies. I will inform you about the expected waiting time when you contact me. This can be a couple of months, but it can also be a lot longer (waiting for more than a year is possible).

The waiting list does not apply for current ScoonimDoll owners when they want to order new clothing or accessories.

Agreement, down payment and/or commitment fee
Until we have an agreement I will not request you for a commitment fee or down payment. Please notice that you writing me an email, requesting me to make for you a ScoonimDoll is not an agreement. The agreement is the conclusion of all specifications and details we must have discussed before I can start working.
Once we finally have come to an agreement I will request a down payment, or (in case you like to postpone the project) a commitment fee.

Price list
General pricing info you can find here above (sbuject: How much does a ScoonimDoll cost?) Order specification info and pricings details I will send not until I am convinced that you are sincere in your intention for getting a ScoonimDoll.

ScoonimDolls stock
Obviously I do not have ScoonimDolls in stock that are for sale.


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