About the company

ScoonimDolls Animated has been established in 2004 by Koen van der Elst (that's me) and my wife, who is not a designer, but my great support in the background. The company is subsidiary to our design company Kolibri Design (www.kolibridesign.nl) founded in 1992. Already for quite some time we do no longer have employees, but there are several relatives who support us on project base.
ScoonimDolls Animated has its origin in a double project. In one project a fully posable doll was developed with the complete skeleton inside and. In the other project an innovative set of formulas for the making of a specific type of animation was developed to be used with certain software (SuperGoo). When it became clear to us that both projects could benefit from one another (symbiosis), we created ScoonimDolls Animated.

The inducement to the development of ScoonimDolls was a commission project involving a realistic and posable foetusdoll. That project was premature terminated, but it was the new mixture of materials and technics that fitted perfectly to the company's composition that made us decide to develop a doll ourselves.
The main reason to make the dolls erotic looking is just fun. I admit if it wasn't for that, chances were more than likely I would not have proceeded the project.
However there are also several 'more' legitimate reasons. They concern possibilities, challenge, production, timing, marketing and coincidence. Like the symbiosis with the Scoonim animation project, which is a most fortunate coincidence!

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