About me..

Dear Guest,
My name is Koen and I am the man behind ScoonimDolls Animated. When I write this I am working already more than 20 years as industrial designer, running my company with a specialized workshop and production facility for synthethic parts.
I have studied 3D-Design at the Academy of Arts in Arnhem-The Netherlands, where I also live with my family. I am blessed with the gift of making inventions, or 'technical innovations' as I prefer to call them.
Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by dolls that can move by itself. Over the years I have made numberous dolls. I cannot say that my style was very consistent. My creations were noticable mainly by their diversity, originality, use of materials, technics (of course) and momentarily mainly by the fact that none of then survived and that there is a complete absence of documentation, as I discovered while trying to find some nice samples to add to my biography pics. For the record, I have made several marionets, puppet-show dolls, muppets, figures made of clay, mash, foam, paper (shadow play), etcetera, and now for already quite some time I am developing and making ScoonimDolls.

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